With the mornings becoming cooler, days are becoming shorter and kiddos are going back to school that can only mean one thing: Tis the season for some frigid football. Koa’s house Pet Supplies is excited about football season, because we are giving away 2 tickets to the Denver Broncos and Los Angles Charges, Dec 30th.  Experience an NFL game in all its  glory at Mile High Stadium, which stands at elevation of 5,280 feet above sea level, this stadium is one of the most internationally recognized sports venue in the world.  Experience the “Rocky Mountain Thunder”, up close.  Enjoy the game with speculators views of the Rocky Mountains to the west and the downtown Denver skyline to the east. Enjoy NFL football in winter at this open-air stadium; this is the NFL at its best. So, pack your fleece lined beanie, parka and gloves and get ready to watch the Orange Crush from the incredible lower section of 121. Whether you are football fanatic or just the casual Sunday fan you will love seats, just yards from the field and players. Koa’s House is giving a set away for its newsletter followers. Just sign up at the link below.

Denver Bronco Ticket Giveaway

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